Long time, no see!

Hello fellow bloggers!

I realise that back in May 2020, I stated I would be back. That clearly did not happen, but recently I have been thinking about blogging more and more. This led me to dust off my laptop this rainy Sunday afternoon and start typing.

It has been so long that I cannot be sure that any of my blogging friends are still active, but if you are, Hello! How have you been? I would love to hear from you.

Once I made the decision to change my blog name. I regretted it. Unfortunately, I cannot go back to my original name, but I have chosen something similar in hopes that people might recognise it. There is not much difference between blah blah and la la, it is still my same old rambling!

A lot has happened since I was last present and I would love to share the direction my life has gone since then, so if you are interested, watch this space!

Until next time. I hope you are well!


6 thoughts on “Long time, no see!

Add yours

  1. Hi Sara, Happy to see you here. I am active reading mostly and writing here and there. I am looking forward to reading about what you’ve been up to. Chicken, Jiggle, Jingle is still on my playlist, and I am loving the t-shirt. )


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